Monday, April 28, 2008


Today I dug up around 50 dandelions from the front and back yards. When I look at the yard, it hardly looks like any, but once I get out there, those sneaky things are hiding all over! I raked up dead leaves leftover from fall, and spruced things up a bit.

It's about 70 degrees today, and at 10am this morning, the Micah and Ella immediately wanted to get on their swimsuits and play with the hose. They sure enjoyed themselves. Throw a popsicle in the mix, and you've got a couple of very content kids!

Here's a typical moment in the Barnett household today: Micah's across the street (of our cul-de-sac) and I'm calling him to come home. Since he and Ella are shoeless, they want to go all the way around on the sidewalk. I'm fine with that. As he's walking away, Micah shouts out to me that he'll be stopping by another neighbor kid's house on the way. I tell him that's a no and he'd better come straight back. Well, minutes pass and I'm not that dumb. I head out, and there he is, sitting on their front steps. I'm none too pleased. I march him right back. He steps on a prickly thing and screams bloody murder for the whole neighborhood to hear. And do I feel very bad about that? It's more like I'm thinking, "Serves you right. Hope you learned your lesson! "Disobedience=prickly in the foot." Okay, not exactly that, but close.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I don't remember the last weekday I showered and got ready before 1pm. I start the day at the gym, pick up Micah from preschool, run errands, clean house, feed kids lunch, etc. Then I realize it's 2:30, Colin will be home soon and I'd better sneak in a shower while I can! It looks like August-time Chad may be able to scale back his work schedule a bit. At that point he will, perhaps, be working only 5 days a week. It sounds like heaven to me! Keeping my fingers crossed!

The end of school is quickly coming upon us. I can't believe we're wrapping up this year! Colin finishing 1st grade! We're going to pass on baseball this summer. Colin wasn't too into it (and I don't mind). The 3 older kids will take swim lessons for a couple of weeks. I think it would be awesome to have Colin try some tennis lessons. See how he takes to that. Chad loves tennis, and it would be a neat sport for them to participate in together. A little more of an even playing field as compared to soccer or basketball. And I was playing with the idea of enrolling the boys in a martial arts class. Micah, our darling, was kicked out of tumbling class several months ago. Funny story now, but I felt horrible at the time. Anyway, I think it would be great for both of them to learn some self-defense and learn discipline martial-arts style!