Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chad: The Running Machine

This morning Chad ran his 1/2 marathon. He is my hero. He's been training on his own for this. 2 years ago he ran a full marathon, which totally blew my mind. I can't imagine putting my body through that. The only thing I think I could compare it to is childbirth. But the big difference is that once the process begins, the mother has no choice to back out. You gotta finish the job! But these marathoners keep pushing and pushing themselves to finish this. He experienced so much pain with that first marathon, it was frightening. I made him promise he'd never do that again! (I don't think it was a difficult promise for him to make.) But the 1/2 marathons are great. Challenging, but very do-able. Here's my man on the home stretch. Can I get a "Heeey-ooooh!" for Chad? Awww, yeah!
Mission completed!
For his 5th birthday, Micah really wanted an ant farm. We sent away for the ants, and they finally arrived! Here he is with Ella and 2 neighbor boys intent on the ants' activities.
After Chad finished his 13.1 miler we headed to the 'E' Center for the Dave Ramsey "Total Money Makeover" event. It was awesome. 5 hours of high-energy, motivation. If you don't know who Dave Ramsey is, look him up. His show is incredible, as are his books. We are believers!

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Blake & Maren said...

I can't believe it has been 2 years since Chad's marathon. I am still impressed with the 1/2.

And Blake and I are so jealous that you got to go to a Dave Ramsey Event. We are finally to the stage of paying off our mortgage. It is the best feeling in the world. We may need to take a quick break from that so we can save up to buy a second car.

We are so glad you introduced him to us!!