Sunday, May 11, 2008

Colin's 7!

Showin' off a karate move. We've got to enroll Colin in some kind of martial arts program this summer! I mean, he's totally into the 'hiiiiii-yaa!' stuff right now.

Our firstborn is now 7 years old! Colin invited a few buddies to his birthday party at the Dinosaur Park. He was so stoked. You may recall my mentioning that, while at Disneyland, he would repeatedly remind us that the Dinosaur Park is still more fun than Disneyland!

Chad and I got Colin a great new bike, which he loves. Grandma Miller took him shopping for all the 'bells and whistles' (literally!!--a bell, water bottle w/ holder, mirrors, basket, and gloves). He's on top of the world! But, get this: the day after getting it all and being fairly warned of the possiblility of them getting broken if not careful, he breaks BOTH mirrors. Talk about devastated! But, he's still fully loaded, so he eventually got over it. (And, yes, he always wears a helmet!)

Grandma and Grandpa Barnett got Colin a new suit for church. This is something he actually requested, can you believe it! His getting-ready-for-church-routine includes, dressing, fixing hair (gotta be 'just so), spraying on cologne, and getting scriptures. Is he handsome, or what? (And our impish little Micah!)

Colin with his a couple of new dinosaur books. This kid is a dinosaur encyclopedia! Ask him in which period each lived, how big they were, whether they were herbivores or carnivores, etc. He knows his stuff! He says he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up.

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Blake & Maren said...

Once again, you got a future missionary on your hands. How proud of an Aunt can I be? Because I am so proud of him. It is funny to see how little Micah is compared to the other three. That's why we love him!