Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Our sweet little Mira Catherine on her way to church.
Ella with the funniest little smile--don't know what she was thinking about here...
Mira with her favorite thing in the world: her "diddy" (blankie).
Micah, Ella, and Mira Catherine. Adorable.
While Colin was at school today, I was feeling rather ambitious and took these three to the swimming pool. (I was selfish, too--I wanted to even out my farmer's tan from yardwork.) They had a blast. I saved Ella several times from a certain death when she decided to swim without her life jacket, and went bobbing to a deeper area. (It's all fun and games 'til someone drowns! Ha.) But, I'll tell you, it's a constant vigil taking them near water. Mira is a crazy baby in the water. No fear. Trying to swim out of my arms for something she has her eye on. I wondered how it would be, taking them myself. But, actually, I'd do it again. I definitely get cabin fever being at home all day, and it's great to get everyone out in the sunshine.

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Blake & Maren said...

Those are the cutest kids. I am glad Braden has such adorable cousins, because if they werent'...