Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attempts at Convincing

Well, Chad's heard comments from family regarding the AC. All he has to say about that is, "Well of course they think we should get it. They're not the ones who will be paying for it." I say this without malice and with respect: Chad has a one-track mind when it comes to saving up for a down payment on our next house! He is willing to forgo little extras in this endeavor. He's never been a spender. He doesn't have a problem spending money if it's something we've planned for and saved up for. But until we reach that house, he is, shall we say, a little tight-fisted with the income. Not a tight-wad. Just watchful and cautious. But we are getting ever closer to that goal! One more year.

Now we're starting to feel a little of the crunch to get things in order to sell. Finishing the deck, touch-ups around the house, fixing all the little broken things (toilet paper roll holders, curtain rods, etc. --thanks to kids!). Chad is counting down the Saturdays he has left to work. He'll have so much more time to put into these projects once he has that day free. And, boy, will that be nice for our family just to have dad home that day! The kids will love it.


Blake & Maren said...

I still think an AC would help sell your house a lot quicker for more money. We are in the same boat as you guys, save-save-save. I would talk to a realator and see what they say. I have talked to many people (in Utah) and they save they wouldn't buy a house with a swamp cooler only. It's worth a shot.

Rachael said...

You guys are so disciplined and good! I need a budget pep-talk to get stuff done around my house too! (Although I can't imagine life without A/C - I really would die!)