Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Don't be fooled--she's got big crocodile tears in her eyes. I don't remember why. Maybe from fixing her hair. You'd think I was torturing her with the way she carries on!
While at a park, Micah discovered this big, black bug. He fell in love. Had to show it off to everyone. Took it home, kept it in a jar. Finally let it go (after much convincing), and almost cried when he found out it dead the next day. He tells us he wants to be an entymologist when he gets bigger.
Colin feeling rather brave letting the creature walk around on his belly.
Ella having a ball running around the water.
We went to my parents' house for father's day. The kids sure enjoyed spending time with their cousins. Rachel comes from a family with 10 kids. So their children are used to being around lots of cousins on Rachel's side. But for us, they are it (since Blake and Maren are in Washington). We are really going to miss them when they leave for Germany in August! Here are Doug and his wife Rachel holding their new baby, Paige.

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Blake & Maren said...

Good for Micah. I didn't even know what a entymologist was. Little Paige is so cute. And once again, if you guys would just move to Pullman then you would have family and cousins close. I will check into jobs for Chad. The schools here are excellent.