Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday we celebrated Grant's 5th and Kate's 3rd birthdays. We went to the Newton's (Rachel's parents' house). Our kids looove going there. They have the most awesome backyard. They built it this way so their kids and kids' friends would want to play there (under watch of parents). In the backyard they have: a pool, jacuzzi, playhouse with play food, kitchen, etc., huge slide, gigantic sandbox with play equipment, teeter-totter, big grassy area, bbq pit, basketball hoop, etc. So when we tell the kids we're going over, are they excited! And try getting them to leave for home! They haven't quite figured out how the Newtons can be their cousins' grandparents and not theirs. So they sometimes accidentally refer to them as Grandma or Grandpa Newton.

So today I was going to go work out at the gym, but with summer our schedule's all discombobulated. The kids wake up later, and it throws off my plans. That's okay. I was up to mow at 7am and had no problem breaking a sweat even that early! It's 9:30 and the kids are still in pjs. (It's summer!) The boys are upstairs yelling and making a ruckus. I'm surprised Mira Catherine isn't upset because of it. She's awake. I heard her. But she seems to be content. Why disturb her, right? Ella's down here begging me to read a book. She doesn't understand 'just wait a minute and I will'. It's, "Are you going to be longer? Please read this book!". Alright. Things are getting out of control with those boys. It sounds like they're going to break something. I'd better go check it out!

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Amber said...

Hey Nicole! I love all the pictures on the blog. The kids look so big! Can I get the recipe for the bean dip you made that we had awhile back? It was so good and I want to make it for work. Could you please e-mail it to me when you have a few minutes? Please use my work e-mail address. It's my first name initial followed by my full last name I didn't want to put the full address on never know who are reading these comments. Thanks, I appreciate it. Hope you are enjoying your day!