Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Acts of Kindness

We were the recipients of generous help the last few days. What with Chad's accident and all, we've had assistance from both sets of parents. Mom and Dad Barnett happily took the kids home and got them settled into bed the night of the accident. My parents drove me around all Saturday afternoon so I could look for a car (while Mom Barnett watched the kids again!). Doug and Rachel took the three older kids overnight to give us a chance to shop around (and they have a new baby and are getting ready to move overseas!). My mom spent a good portion of the day Tuesday driving around with me and watching the kids while I took care of getting the car legal to drive. This was all tremendously helpful!! It is especially at times like this when I realize how blessed we are with the families we have! Our parents show us their love all the time. I hope they know when we say 'thank you' how deeply we feel that gratitude. I just can't be expressed with words. We hope we'll be those kinds of parents for our kids!

And it doesn't end there! We have an awesome mechanic for a friend who lives just by us. He has the cutest family. Well, he saved us trouble by checking out several cars for us to ensure we were making the right choice. He gave up a couple hours of cherished family time one day to drive with us to one location to inspect a car. Chad and I commented on how cheerful he was all the while. It's a reminder that we need to be generous with our time and talents in coming to the aid of others. We've been the recipients of these many acts of kindness just over the past few days and we are ever grateful!

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Blake & Maren said...

You are always so kind to everyone, so I am sure it is no big deal for everyone to help you guys out. I would love to see pictures of your new car.

I will call you back tomorrow. Sorry I didn't call back today. I was at my friends house making Braden a quilt for his bed. It took us a lot longer than we thought.