Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Allens Come for a Visit

Here is cutie-pie Ella just before church. Does she look adorable, or what?! Of course, by the time church was over, her hair didn't quite look as neat and pretty as it did here. But pretty stinkin' cute nevertheless.
Travis and Erin Allen came for a visit today. Their children, Canyon and Kaylee (Erin, did I spell that right?) were great playmates for ours. Erin and I were roomies at Utah State one summer. She was the absolute best. Full of energy, fun, spontaneity, sincerity, and kindness. I have great memories of those few months: rollerblading mishaps, dating craziness, nutty parties, quirky upstairs neighbors, heart-to-hearts, etc. She and Travis are raising beautiful children


Blake & Maren said...

Oh my gosh, Ella looks so old in those photos. I can't believe how much she is growing up. How old are Erin's kids? They look to be Colin's and Micah's age. I bet it is so fun to visit with old friends.

Brandon and Shelley said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I checked out yours too. It probably won't be as interesting as yours with four kids. This is a great way to keep in touch. You have adorable kids.