Thursday, July 31, 2008


I don't understand all the fuss some people give us about getting a snake. Alright, I do understand many people are squeamish about reptiles. I'll give them that. But other than that possibility, what could be bad about having one? It's not like a dog or cat is much more sanitary. Yes, anyone who touches the snake MUST wash hands before and after. But, really, snakes are so low-maintenance. You feed them once a week. They defecate once a week (compare that to a dog!!). They could care less whether you play with them or not. A dog? You've got to water it, feed it, clean out it's cage regularly, take it for daily walks, pet it, play with it--or it's neglect. I'm not kidding myself in thinking I can do it, or coerce the kids into doing it. That won't happen. A cat? A nuisance to neighbors' sandboxes and plants. So we'll choose a different route. I'm confident this is a great choice for our family.

The boys still need to save up some dough to buy the sand boa. I've got a list of chores worth $1 each just for the purpose of earning 'snake money'. The past few days they haven't been interested. At this rate, they won't be buying the snake for well over a month. Well, today Colin got down to business. He cleaned the bathroom (he's really good at it!), vacuumed, and offered to 'babysit' Mira Catherine. Micah started in on picking up the backyard. About 4 minutes into it, he declared, "I'm too tired. I'll do some more later." We know what that means.

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Blake and Maren said...

I think a snake is a GREAT idea. It seems like a heck of a lot better than a cat or dog. We know how easy it is to neglect either of those.

Keep working boys. Cousin Braden can't wait to play with the sand boa.