Friday, July 25, 2008

Finished Product (or almost)

Here is the finished product! (I think we're going to paint the other side of the fence, too. You can still see the red fence from the deck. It's rather tacky.)
The clubhouse.
Colin and Ella (with friend, Brigham in the middle) getting into trouble when I was otherwise engaged. I'd dug out a dying tree and filled the hole with dirt. They proceeded to fill it up with water and make their own little swimming hole. Lovely.
Micah had a lot of fun helping us paint. Ella pitched in, too. It was a roasting hot day. Just standing in the sun painting brought on the beads of sweat... which then turned into fountains of sweat!!

1 comment:

Blake and Maren said...

It looks so good! From what you have said, it sound like you painted the interior of the fence, but not the exterior? I love the color.

P.S. I got the Mary Kay stuff. Thank you!