Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th Celebrations

Our little entrepreneurs, Micah and Colin, out selling cold drinks at the parade. ($1 each) Hey, they made $50 in about 1/2 hour!! Next time we'll bring three times as much! Colin's saving up for a Webkins (mainly for the online registration that comes with the pet) and a snorkel w/ mask. Micah is set on buying a 'gem' from the Dinosaur Park. He wants the stone cut open so you can see the crystals inside. And he's determined on getting it!
Cuties Ella and Mira Catherine.
Mom Barnett and Amber were there. I think coming to the parade brings out Janna's inner child. She was all about getting the candy (and making sure the grandkids got enough... and boy, did they ever!).
Mom and Dad came, as well. Dad even painted his face and brought fun stickers for the kids.
I debated on whether I should put this one up. Wish I'd either done 100 situps before going out this morning, or had the foresight to have one of the kids stand in front of me!! Ha!
But we had a great day. Started out with a neighborhood breakfast, off to the parade. I took Micah and Ella swimming while the baby slept and Colin and Chad had some special time together. This afternoon we all went up to my parents' house and enjoyed a terrific barbeque. We also had a good time playing around in the backyard with the kids. Chad and Amber took the boys to see the fireworks tonight. It's been a fun, busy day.

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Blake & Maren said...

It looks like you guys had a blast. The boys are smart for making a little money. Now, was it $50 they made after all their expenses were covered or $50 just in sales? Regardless, we have money makers in the family.

I am also glad to see Chad is doing well.