Monday, July 14, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Chad is now convinced regarding A/C. We're having it installed tomorrow! Alriiiiight!! Chad's been working on getting the deck painted. I wanted a lighter color because the deck gets a lot of sun and it can burn little feet easily. The color we ended up getting is very close to the color of our house. I've got to get used to it: it reminds me of makeup- a foundation. But it's a definite improvement from the peely reddish color we had before. The clubhouse is getting painted the same color.
Amber came over yesterday to spend the afternoon with us. She just celebrated her 27th birthday. In my opinion, the 20's are good, but the 30's are even better. So, you're getting closer, Amber!!


Amber said...

I'm only 26. Please don't make me older than I am! Thanks again for the dinner yesterday.

alan barnett said...

Yes, you getting air conditioning you will really enjoy it!! The deck looks great keep up the good work Chad..

Blake & Maren said...

as i said earlier, life will be a lot easier. that constant back sweat will be no more.