Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sand Boa It Is!

So... I think it's time for a family pet. Been thinking this for a little bit. But neither a dog nor a cat is going to be happening in this family (at least for now). Colin has mentioned on several occasions that he'd like a snake. He told me, "I hate mammals." (Hate to break it to you kid, but you are one!) Anyway, we went to the pet store, talked at length with the herp expert. I've read a lot online about a snake as a family pet, a first pet for a child, care, expense, etc. I've talked a lot to the kids about their care. Colin's going to do some more reading about them.

We've decided on a sand boa. They grow up to approx. 4 feet long and would need a 20 gallon tank, as compared to lots of other snakes that would need a 40 or 50 gallon tank! We just don't have the room!! They're fantastic first pets. We've been back to the pet store to hold them some more and compare them to other snakes. I think this is the one for us.

The biggest concerns are these: that kids (ours and others) might try to get into the tank without permission. I am going to have to drill it into the kids that they MUST first ask before getting him/her out. The other is the escaping of the snake. I've heard it can be tricky tracking them. I'm sure we'll get good at it. One good thing about the sand boa is it doesn't climb up walls. So there's no chance of it escaping even if the top was left off of the tank.

We went today and Colin and Micah used money they've saved to buy the tank. We found a good spot for it on their bookshelf. The plan is for them to save up more dough and purchase equipment and food, then lastly, the snake. Colin is soooo excited. He keeps telling me his heart is beating fast when he thinks about it and he can't wait! Micah, at first, wasn't so keen on getting a snake. He thought they were okay, but was more interested in a rat, or something. Until he held it and it's sharp little nails scratched him a little. Now he's pleased to be getting a snake. Ella's just upset that it's not technically going to be her snake.

I'll post the progress of our snake-buying process. And I've got to figure out how to post videos so you can watch them feed it a pinkie (mouse)!


Blake and Maren said...

How exciting! Let us know how it goes. How is the A/C? Are you using it a lot? I am sure it feels nice.

Rachael said...

Girl you are so brave!!! The thought of a snake in my house literally makes my skin crawl!!! YIKES!