Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who Doesn't Love a Honda?

Here is our new (at least new to us!) Honda Accord. It's kind of a deja vu looking out and seeing it parked in the driveway, since Chad's now-deceased car was white. Except this one has four doors, is roomier inside, and is actually a comfortable ride! Let's see how long it stays in good shape. I can see our kids feeling tempted to climb on, or perhaps decorate with chalk this 'blank slate'. This is a shot of Mira Catherine sleeping the other night. It's been so warm at night I just put her to bed in her diaper. I had a feeling where this could lead, so I went to check on her later, and, sure enough, she'd ripped the thing off and flung it to the floor. Luckily nothing had occured (if you get my drift). I wrestled it back on the semi-sleeping, non-cooperative 19 month-old, and she immediately drifted back off to sleep. You see she has her favorite thing in the world with her: her purple blankie (or 'diddy' or 'ninny' in her words). Whenever she has it near her face she sticks out her tongue and is in pure bliss.

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Blake & Maren said...

The car looks good and Mira Catherine looks funny. I love the way babies sleep.