Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cousins & Opening Ceremony

My mom's been trying to take advantage of the few free days left she has free before school starts. She's dropped by for visits, taken the kids out individually to 'run errands' (which always includes getting a soda or ice cream cone!).
My brother, Doug, and his wife, Rachel and their kids came over yesterday. Then all the men and boys (including Chad, my boys, and my dad) met over at the Lindquist stadium to watch an Ogden Raptors game. We girls stayed home and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Were they amazing, or what? Wow, fireworks galore, dancing, 2008 people doing sycronized movements, etc. It was incredible. One of my favorite parts is when the 200-some-odd countries parade through the arena. It's so interesting to hear snippets of their stories, see the people, and a few of those teeny-tiny countries you never hear of otherwise.

Here's a funny close-up of Grant.
Micah, Chad, Colin, and Dad hanging out at the game.
Trying to get a good picture of Rachel and baby Paige. Apparently, Paige could've cared less.
Theron (Doug and Rachel's 6 year-old) balancing on play equipment. All the cousins couldn't get enough out of the playground. They were not ready to leave when the time came.

All the cousins (minus Paige) jumping on the tramp! Get a load of me trying to get through to my child while he's having fun. Typical!

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Blake and Maren said...

I can't believe how big Kate, Grant and Theron are getting. I am sure they are so glad to have spent time with their cousins. When do Doug & Rachel head out?