Thursday, August 21, 2008

Doug and Rachel update

I got a surprise phone call from Doug today. I wasn't expecting to talk to him until I got settled with my onesuite calling plan (only 3 cents a minute to Germany!!). But how great it was to talk to him! He told me all about the flight. It wasn't as bad as we were all anticipating it would be. Luckily, on international flights, they now have monitors for each person to watch movies during the flight. What a lifesaver! At least the kids can veg, watching movies for 8 hours.

He, Rach, and the kids are in TLF (temporary housing on base until they find a home), which is pretty comfy, apparently. They still can't drive anywhere. They have international driver's licences, but those aren't allowed on base. Retarded. It's like waiting for all these pieces to come together to make this awesome puzzle. Driver's licence: one piece. Household goods: one piece (they'll be waiting a while yet for those). House: another piece.

Doug said he was driving (well, in the car while someone else was driving!), passing all these signs for castles and other beautiful spots. Forests all over the sides of the road. He wanted to get out and go exploring instead of head to work. That'll come a little later. They're so close to the Belgium border, France, and Luxembourg. Trier is a great city which used to be a Roman fortification. I think they'll discover all the great spots we missed when we lived there. I'm excited to explore them, too.

Theron and Grant start school Monday. That'll be so nice for them. Grant will attend all-day Kindergarten. The DOD schools are phenomenal. This will keep the older two occupied and give Rachel a chance to catch her breath. Rachel's been to Europe before. But this is different. No tour guides here! She and Doug are in charge. Doug was saying how different it feels from when we lived there before. And I said, "Yeah, it's because this time you're the Daddy!"

It feels so good to know they've arrived safe and sound. They're almost adjusted to the time zone. I'm trying to imagine what it'll be like to go over with 4 kids, 12 pieces of luggage, car seats, and zero help with it all at the airport in a foreign country. At least they made it. Yay!


Amber said...

I'm glad that Doug and Rachel made it safe. Yes you can have the book when I get done with it. Have you read the 3 other books?

buildingburkmemories said...

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