Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fire Station

Ella decked out.

Today a couple of friends and I took our kids to the fire department for a tour. The kids got to check it all out. They had fun. Micah was the self-appointed photographer. He took about a gazillion pictures of the most random things. Here is one worth posting.

Micah hamming it up. He thouroughly enjoyed the tour!
Colin (caught mid-blink) donning the outfit.
"10-4, Roger Roger, Over."

I can't believe it's actually starting to cool down a little. The mornings aren't scorching anymore. Evenings are cooler. School is just around the corner. Soccer starts in a couple of weeks. We've got to get into a stricter schedule! We're going to have homework, piano, tennis, soccer, etc. We need to get on the ball. I think we'll all be in shock when it starts. It's been pretty lax around here.

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Blake and Maren said...

Was this a special day the fire department was having or did you just call and see if they could do a tour? This is such a fun idea.

P.S. I love your blog.