Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good-bye...for now

We said good-bye to Doug, Rachel and the kids tonight. We won't be with them again for about 3 years (when we go for a visit). It had a chance to sink in tonight. I knew it was coming, but this was it. They are such wonderful parents raising 4 beautiful children. Doug was always such a fun person to be around. He can carry on an interesting conversation with anyone. He's always interested in those around him. From a child he's been very conscientious and has tried to do the right thing. Rachel is absolutely guileless. She is kind and patient. I don't hear her speak ill of anyone. I should be more like her. We are going to miss them terribly. But this is going to be an adventure for them. The community where they're moving will be better for having them.

Here are a few shots we took this evening. Parting pictures.
Mom holding blondie Mira Catherine. These two have a bond!
The Millers--minus Dad (who's in CA for work this week), and Chris (living out of state). Hard to imagine all the kids 5 years older: that's how much older they'll be when they return!
The Newton family. Rachel's side. Her parents, grandmother, 8 sisters, 1 brother (and their spouses and children). They are tremendous. Rachel's dad gave Doug and Rachel each a priesthood blessing of strength and comfort. I am so thankful Doug has such wonderful in-laws.

This was taken a couple of days ago. We all went to the Newton's to swim and play. Our kids think we're related to the Newton's because their cousins are. Makes sense, right? The adults played ultimate frisbee, then everyone came back to eat, swim, lounge and visit. And they broke out the snow cone machine. That's always a hit.

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Blake and Maren said...

Wuick shout out to Doug, Rachel & the kids. I am so glad that I got to know each of you. I consider your little ones my neices and nephews. I hope you have a blast while in Germany.

The kids are so cute in the pool. I can't believe how strong Colin is and brave Micah is going down the slide. It looks like a fun and relaxing day.