Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here We Are

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to the Gateway to meet up with my friend, Erin and her children. We enjoyed the Olympic fountain and music/water show that goes on every 1/2 hour. I should've brought their swim clothes. They might've had fun with that. The most fun was had in Dick's Sporting Goods store. Up and down the escalator. About 20 times.
After meeting up with our friends, we headed to the Clark Planetarium. There is so much to do there. Chad and I had a date night there a while back and were actually able to read the information. It's a totally different story when you're chasing around 4 kids. But it was a nice morning and we had a good time.
Ella's first day of preschool. We were informed we should always send our little ones in play clothes because of all the messy art they do. So Ella decided (with Micah's suggestion) that she dress all in red. What can you do? She's very determined when it comes to what she's going to wear some days. And there's no convincing her otherwise. She'd wear a 'princess dress' every day if I let her.
Here are the 'men'. Colin's first day of 2nd grade, Micah giving the thumbs up, Chad hoping I don't have him in the shot!


Blake and Maren said...

In the first picture it looks like Mira is almost as big as Ella. I love Ella's outfit. This makes me really want to have a girl. Colin looks all spiffy with his slicked hair. I have THE CUTEST nephews and nieces. I am the luckiest aunt alive!

buildingburkmemories said...

How fun, with your trip you took, Is this over in Ogden, I'm not sure where that place is at or is it in salt lake? also I'm not quite sure I would let the kids play up and down the escalator, we might never get off, and one of my girls would be quite scared of it at first and probably have a melt down or something, who knows, So you have three children in school then? That must be nice!!!! We are trying for our fourth one,so when ever heavenly father decides to give us one that would be nice, of course its only been two months, so who knows. I really like your family pic on the sided of all of you, It looks fun. Well got to go and I will check in with you latter, I am going to up date our blog on Monday, we went to the zoo here, so it should be nice. ok by Elizabeth

Amber said...

I posted my softball schedule on my blog on the sidebar. I understand if you can't make it to the games. I appreciate you thinking of me.