Monday, August 4, 2008

Meet Bowey

Here he (or she...we're not sure yet) is, burying himself into the sand. You won't even notice him because he'll almost always be hidden in the sand.

Colin informs us, "This is our new snake. It's name is Bowey. It's orange and black." During lunch, we technically named him Bowey Colin-Micah Barnett.
Micah says, "Please come to my house and look at my snake. I love my snake."

Here's a poor close-up.
Just a cute picture of Mira Catherine looking older. She's wearing clothes that used to be Ella's. We're to the point where, when Ella grows out of something, Mira just about fits in to it. I'm sure that'll only be the case a little while longer. She's just still got all that adorable baby chubbiness.


Amber said...

I'm happy that you guys got the new snake. I hope the kids are taking good care of it. I'll have to stop by sometime after work this week to see it. Maybe we can go over the blog backgrounds as well? Let me know what day will work for you.
P.S. I'll have the money for you on Friday.

Blake and Maren said...

I thought you were a little farther out with the snake. It loooks like the kids already love him (or her). Mira Catherine is adorable as ever. Save those girls clothes. Maybe someday we will give you a neice on our side.