Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Begins

This week marked the start of the new school year. Both Colin and Ella started school Monday. However, because of teacher/pupil assesments, Kindergarteners start next week. Micah had really anticipated starting Kindergarten. When his brother and sister got togo to school and he didn't, it didn't go so well. Monday was a rotton day for him. But we met with his teacher yesterday. She'll be wonderful. She even sent Micah home with some reading homework. He was so excited he read them all that very day!

Colin loves 2nd grade. I got to go in yesterday to volunteer. I just that, when he finishes his work early, there will be things for him to do. I am concerned about him being challenged enough. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

Ella has had a great couple of preschool days. She also does a movement class, which she enjoys. No potty accidents so far. She told me that when she goes to preschool she just won't go to the bathroom until she gets home. Try as I might, I couldn't convince her she just may need to go there. I think she's making a good adjustment, though. She told me she even went potty one day. Hooray!

Mira Catherine is a talker. She just babbles. She does say some coherent words, but most of it is just conversationally intonated. It's pretty funny. The kids, Chad, and I try to get her to say more by asking, "Is that right?" "And then what happened?" And then she knows we're fooling and will laugh and stop doing it.

So I've been busier this past week, which is why I haven't posted. It's going to be like this from now on. Start the day at 6:30 am, with maybe this small break in the middle of the day. So the posts may be slower-coming.


buildingburkmemories said...

Well nicole, it sounds like you have a busy day a head of you, good luck, my day is still pretty easy and lade back, because mercedi is in 1st grade and I do home preschool with mikayla and logan so it goes by well, and then I'm done at 2:20 for the school day, with all three kids so its nice it goes by fast. So you have a snake, how crazy is that, I would be like nope kids the snake can stay at the pet store. Way to go for you and your courage. Well take care and I look forward to the rest of your blogs. If you didn't see my blog yet it is at so check it out and let me know what you think. Elizabeth Burk

Blake and Maren said...

It sounds like all is busy in the Barnett household. I can't wait to hear Mira Catherine talking up a storm when we get there in December. I am sure Micah is so excited to start school Monday. Maybe we should give them a call tomorrow to hear all about school and meeting with teachers.

I hope your talk preparations are going well. Wish I was there to listen to it.