Friday, September 5, 2008

Pose, Kindergartener, More

Check out our guns. Well, an attempt, anyway. Ella looking like she's holding an invisible fishing pole. It's a flex. A three-year old flex.
His look says, "Now, are we sure about this?". But he was so excited. He couldn't wait for this day." I get to ride the bus!!" Even got to sit with brother. Awesome. Colin does a really good job helping his little brother with everything. Micah came home after school and said someone said a bad word to him. I asked what happened, and he told me one of Colin's friends saw him at the playground and said, "Look! It's Colin's little brother!" I guess when you're 5, little just isn't that cool.
Ella ready for preschool. She picked out what she wanted to wear. Of course it's a dress. What a girl. Mira Catherine proceeded to go to her own room and pick out a denim skirt to be like sis. I just love these days. I've got my 2 boys, my 2 girls, and they are such fun. And cute.
Just being silly. Ella says, "Wait, Mom!" Puts the basket on her head. "Okay, take the picture now. Are you going to put this on the blog?" So I guess I have to.
Just playing around before leaving for the morning. Take note of Mira Catherine and her beloved 'Ninny' or blankie.


buildingburkmemories said...

I would have to say those are some pretty big guns, and I love Ella's pose as well, that is just to cute. I also hope that next year when mikayla goes to kindergarten and mercedi is in 2nd grade that she will help mikayla out as well. We live pretty close to the school, so mercedi doesn't get to ride the bus, so she was bummed about that. But what fun kids you have. Beth

Blake and Maren said...

I love the Micah thought 'little' was a bad word. I am sure it isn't that fun to be referred to as a little brother. Blake and I were commenting on how big Mira Catherine has gotten, wow! We love at the end of the video when you ask Mira to tell you a story, she says "no." She has the cutest look on her face!

Hillary said...

Fun pics. I want to be included on your blog list so please put me on. I know that I never comment but I always like to see what you are up to!