Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Happy Little Song

Okay, this looks horrible, but I was messing around with my fun effects, and this is what we got. No, I did not mark up myself with black pen or anyting. My face was really shiny, and so this is what happened. But Mira Catherine is adorable. I caught Ella unawares for a minute while she was singing a made-up song about her Barbie and Batman. I thought she'd quit once she saw me, but it didn't phase her. I love it when she goes around singing songs. If you've seen 'Enchanted' (thanks for letting us borrow it, Aunt Amber! The kids are watching it as I type this), there's a part where Giselle calls out the window in a singing voice "Ahhhh...." to summon all the animals in the city to come help "clean up". All the pigeons, cockroaches, and rats come to her aid. It's pretty funny. Anyway, Ella opened up our window and was singing the "Ahhhahhhahhh-ahhhahhahhh" out to the nieghborhood. It was so funny.


buildingburkmemories said...

What a cute girl. We too love the movie enchanted, we are always watching it and singing along with it, ,my favorite part is the chipmunk and trying to tell the prince what is taking place, I laugh so hard at the part. And the fact that the actress really acts like a princess in the movie, its just cute.

Blake and Maren said...

I think Ella must take after her Aunt Maren. I mean, I am ALWAYS making up songs. Literally about anything. Mira Catherine looks so big. She has a Colin look to her.

Keep posting cute videos.

buildingburkmemories said...

what do you mean who posted comments, because I can see who posted coments on your blog, like blake and maren, or do you mean who visited my blog the title on the side at the bottom, and if so you just click on it and add it from there,. Let me know what you mean?