Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poopy Days

Everyone's writing about fairs, peach days, onion days, etc. Well, the festival we most enjoy in our home, as you can imagine, are our poopy days. Micah is almost taking care of business on his own. He usually needs a once-over by Mom or Dad to be sure everything is copasetic, if you know what I mean. Ella insists Mom is in the bathroom with her whenever it's time. And Mira...Oh, Mira. That girl. Lately, she's taken to pulling off her diaper. Sure, it's been cute when I walk in to check on her in bed after she's fallen asleep just to see she's nude from the waist down. We get a good laugh and redress her. And she's really interested in her box of wipes. She's always trying to get into them to imitate wiping herself while fully-clothed. But a few days ago, I go in to wake her from her afternoon nap. She'd pulled off her diaper and was saying, "Eeeew! Eeeew!" Upon closer inspection, I find that she's done #2 and scooted herself over so that her foot was in it. Oh, man. Not a fun thing to run into. Got that cleaned up. Then, yesterday, we're having dinner. She finished, got cleaned up, and went on to play. I'm sitting there, enjoying my lasagne, when she waltzes back into the living room sans clothes and diaper, wiping herself. Well, she had IT all over her legs, hands... it was so disgusting. I'm sure most parents deal with this and more, but I was telling her what's-what. We want to be sure that never happens again!


Blake and Maren said...

It's official, I don't want Braden to learn to walk or get smart enough to pull his diaper off. A charming smile and looks will be enough for me.

It sounds like she may be ready for potty training. I am sorry about your Poopy Days, I would have been so mad.

Brandon and Shelley said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I think I would be sick after what you experienced. We're not having much luck with potty training Landon but I guess he recently turned two. So it's ok if it takes a while. Any tips?

Amber said...

Yeah, I can finally view your blog. Let me know when Colin and Micah's soccer games are. I would love to come and watch.

buildingburkmemories said...

that is funny, and I have had plenty of those days as well, we haven't got there with logan yet, so yeah, but not to say it's right around the corner, and I'm not looking forward to the potty training thing at all, but hi five to you for keeping a strong stomach and getting through it. and on the comment thing, I think if you go in to your blog settings you will find a place if you want to show that you have new comments and check the box, I'm not sure but I think that is how you do it.