Friday, September 19, 2008


Micah and Ella are watching Shirley Temple in "The Little Colonel". I just love Shirley Temple movies. This one has Bojangles in it, which makes it even that much better. I love the little tap number they do going up the stairs! This isn't a movie the kids usually pick out, but once I put it on, they're glued. We borrowed The 3 Stooges from my parents. I might have to test that out on them (the boys in particular). I remember my brothers, as kids, busting a gut over their antics. I never found them that hilarious. Maybe it's a boy-thing with the slapstick humor. Anyway, I have a feeling it might be the right time to introduce them.

From what Micah tells me, his teacher moved him to a different seat because he was talking too much. Not surprising. Chad went to volunteer at his kindergarten classroom today and I asked how Micah did. We're not sure if it's because Chad was there, but Micah was the child in the class. Being in the classroom has been good for him, though. He's learning to sit and attend to tasks better. And his reading! Oh, it's so exciting to watch him learn to read! He's bringing little books home and reading them to us. Amazing how ready they are to learn.

Colin has longer days. As soon as he comes home, he gets a good snack. Then it's on to homework and piano. Somedays, though, he's just wiped out and tells me he's going to quit piano. (Not an option!) I sympathize with him and he asks why he has to take piano. I explained to him how amazing his brain is right now, and that he's learning things so quickly. That seemed to satisfy him for the time being. He talks about wanting to learn guitar. I think we can thank 'Guitar Hero 3' for that.

Mira's got croup. She's had it for a few days, now. She'll be better soon. Ella loves preschool. Her favorite part is the tumbling/dance she does. I've got a wicked case of plantar fasciitis. I get it every so often. I've discovered I cannot do step aerobics anymore. That always starts it off. I've only exacerbated the problem by not resting it. Now I've got to really baby it. I should've taken a few days off immediately. Now I walk like a cripple. It'll get better.


Blake and Maren said...

It's fun to read what's going on in life. I can imagine that it doesn't matter if either of you are in Micah's class. He is just an active little boy.

Tell Colin his Aunt Maren is really sad that she quit piano because her brain doesn't learn it as quickly. And I really wish I could play a lot better than I do.

buildingburkmemories said...

Well nicole, it sounds like life has been fun for you, do you remember going to step aerobic classes at isu together with hillary and some other girls, I thought that was so much fun, I really enjoyed those days at the apartment when jesse and I look back they are some of the happiest memories that we have, and they include you and chad, that is just to funny. Any how are you talking about when a blog member post and it shows who has recently posted on their blog? I finally got what you were talking about, when jesse read it the other day and it clicked, I just went to page lay out and went to number one I think blog list and you add there blog name and then put to catergorize who posted recently, and not alphabetically order and then you can see what there next blog is and when they posted. so that is how you do it. because I see that you have blogs, but not blog list, so do that, it's better. Well take care and I think that you should watch the three stooges, I remember watching that as a little girl with my mom, and I loved it as a kid, so I think that they will.