Monday, September 29, 2008

A Few Pics

This is Colin making good use of a broken ironing board. You see, it doubles as a machine gun, airplane, boat, whatever strikes his fancy. He and Micah were out in the backyard the other day playing with that for a looong time. Who knew an ironing board could initiate such creativity?
Mira Catherine being silly.
Here's Micah singing "Latter-Day Prophets". I love his voice. He's just trying his best to say all the names correctly. We always sing it together, and I've only just realized I need to teach him the names again. And that's Ella in the background, talking and waving the snake in the camera.


Blake and Maren said...

Kids are always so creative in what they use stuff for. Mira is as cute as ever and I am very impressed with Micah. I have heard that song, but don't really know it. I guess I have a lot of learning to do if I want Braden to be this cute.

Amber said...

If I only would have known! I just threw away an ironing board too. I bet they would have liked to each have their own.