Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Day Gets Away

Micah came home from kindergarten today with a couple of cute little neighbor girls to have some fun. We started out the school year on a more rigorous schedule with Micah coming home, having lunch, doing a little homework and piano practice. But when do you fit in playtime? So I'm having to loosen up a little. It just makes it a little tricky when Colin comes home and needs attention with his homework and piano to split my time between them--and at the time Mira Catherine wakes up from her nap.

It seems that by the time Colin has his snack, does homework and piano, it's time for me to scramble around preparing dinner. And then there's not much of the day left for free play. I hear that the Roy school district has done away with homework completely (other than daily reading, of course). Their policy now has children logging hours of outside play time, eating healthful foods, and they must sit down as a family for dinner at least 4 times a week. Apparently, from what some studies have found, elementary students do not improve scholastically from having homework.

I'm curious as to whether this is true? Dear reader, have you found this to prove true? Colin pretty well plows through his homework. It doesn't take up too much time. But they spend 7 hours at school.


Amber said...

Wow, no homework? That would be awesome. I wish I could help out in the afternoon with the kids. If it ever gets too crazy, I can help out. Any excuse to get out of work! Please wish Chad a Happy Birthday for me. I'm not sure what your plans are tonight and don't want to interfere. See you on Sunday!

Blake and Maren said...

I can totally understand how eating healthy, outside play, and spending time with family would help overall in school. A family that spends time together is obviously making something work. Do you know someone who works in the Roy School District who could give us some validity to this test?

shelley evans said...

I can't believe kindergartners have homework!