Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cats, Dead Things, Girls

Here is the cat. More details at the bottom of this post.
Chad took Ella on a field trip to a pumpkin patch:
Ella not wanting to be disturbed while watching a Barbie movie:
Mira with the skirt over her clothes:
Just about everyday Ella insists on wearing a dress or skirt. There are days I have to put my foot down (like when she's got a tumbling class). Today we were just going to the club, so I was fine with whatever. She picked out a sleeveless Christmas dress. Pretty, but not really appropriate for the club. Oh, well! She also found a red ribbon she wanted in her hair. We struggled with how we should get the ribbon in her hair. Finally she agreed to let me pull a small part of her hair back for the ribbon. And off we go.

Now we're home, she and Mira Catherine are watching Barbie's singing movie. Ella wanted to change into a different dress that looks more like Barbie's. Fine. She just came down and wanted to change yet again into something longer. Sorry, sister.

And I think it's rubbing off on Mira. Last night she wore a skirt over her pajamas and was as happy as could be. She's always getting into drawers and picking out skirts to wear over whatever she's got on.
That picture up top is of a cat belonging to our neighbor. The kids and I have fallen in love. It's been christened 'Tum-Tum' or 'Tom-Tom' depending on whom you ask. (It's a girl.) Chad gets so irritated with it coming around. On the sly, we'll occasionally let it in the house. It doesn't thrill him, but he doesn't say anything. The other night, after dinner, I put out a plate of leftover meatloaf for her. Chad saw that and said wearily, "Now we'll never see the end of it!". Yesterday morning it was crying outside our sliding door and I opened up the door to let it in. No sooner did she come scurrying in than I saw what she had in her mouth. A dead mouse!!! Aaaack! I tried to shoo her back out, but she wasn't cooperating. Chad just kind of stood back for a moment in shock. We finally got her out. Colin said, "Now how are we going to get rid of the mouse germs that got in here?!"


Maren said...

How do you get rid of mouse germs? It looks like a beautiful cat. Is there a family cat in your future? I love that your girls are such girly girls. I am sure there will be a time when you can't get them into a dress or skirt for anything.

Jennettehogan said...

Oh - Ella looked so cute in her dress when I saw her yesterday - she was very proud of it! That cat is so pretty! I have heard that cats bringing dead animals home is a sign of affection. Look out! There could be more in your future!