Friday, October 31, 2008


Here's just a cute close-up of Mira Catherine. Her face looks older to me in this photo. Blue eyes, pink lips, little white teeth...just adorable.
I took this just at the wrong moment. But I wanted to get one of her in her cowgirl getup. It was darling! Too bad it's the only shot of her in this I got. She's trying to get her 'rope' ready for her horse. Later in the day she decided she didn't want to be a cowgirl anymore...
I am the queen of funky shots today, I guess! Here's Micah as Superman (they're pj's with a cape--his pick). We even had the Christopher Reeves curl in the front goin' on. Later in the day he changed HIS mind and didn't want to be Superman anymore, either!
All ready for the 'trunk-or-treat' down at the church. Mira Catherine was a wolf (but she refused to wear the hood with the wolf's face), and Ella as Funshine Bear. My mom sewed this costume (and another one just like it in green) for my brothers when they were young. We're putting it to good use.
Here we are at the trunk-or-treat. Colin's the Emperor and Micah's Luke Skywalker. The trunk-or-treat was perfect for the girls. They got to go around saying, "trick or treat!", and collect candy. That sufficed for the night. The boys went out again house to house with neighbors and Chad. They have a STASH!!
I had Mira Catherine be in charge of handing out candy from the trunk of our van. Well, mostly she ate Smarties.
Here we are on the porch ready for trick or treaters. It was a sad showing in our cul-de-sac this year. I think we're a bit isolated being right next to patio homes and a church.
Mira loving 'Tum-Tum'. She's a sweet cat.
Micah sorting out candy... counting, organizing, enjoying!!


Maren said...

Cute costumes. I am glad Braden can't argue with what I dress him in. I remember sorting and organizing my candy. And I agree that Mira does look a lot older in that photo. I have the cutest nieces and nephews. People just have to accept that.

Jennettehogan said...

It was so fun having your boys over for the party yesterday! All of your kids looked so cute at the trunk or treat - what a fun (but hectic) day Halloween is with kids!
I love it!!

Jennettehogan said...

oh...and I LOVE that picture of Mira Catherine! She is adorable - and she DOES look older

Doug and Rachel said...

Hey Nicole, the kids looked great. I like the Christopher Reeve hair swoosh...I remember my bear costume. The yellow one was Chris's and I had a brown one. It was hotter than all get out. The gloves were just stifling in that Merced evening heat...even though it was the end of October.

Hey, I just read your blog posted on 25 October...the one about your dilemma in moving into a house or coming to Germany. I would definitely side with you about moving to the house. The Germany thing would be so fun, but it would last two weeks and then put you back in getting the house. I think you would enjoy the house more than a two-week trip. That being said, you'd better get over here a couple years after you get the house!

Chris Miller said...

The Halloween pictures are adorable!! I pulled up the blog yesterday while I was "working" (I desperately needed a break from grading papers) and told Chris all about Ella wearing his Funshine Bear costume when I got home. He was tickled and said he can't wait to see the pics himself.

You wouldn't happen to have a pic of Chris as a carebear, would you? I'd love to see it. Too funny!