Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Gonna Be a Great Day!!

Here are the kids before catching the bus in the morning. I mean, shouldn't we all look forward to the day like this? I love it! Of course, it's a different story 'waking the beast' and getting him to the breakfast table. But now he's got the blood flowin'!
'Grandpa Miller' has been knitting blankets, hats, scarves, you name it for some time, now. (Well, he's always been artistic in this way). The boys have requested their colors. Dad just finished them and brought them over. With a list of rules to obey:
  • No dragging it on the ground
  • No poking fingers/toes through it
  • No stretching it

Ella's supposed to go this weekend to pick out her yarn with Grandpa. You just know it's gonna be pink! So here they are snuggling up:

Yesterday afternoon the Barnetts and Millers came for a pot-luck meal. It was nice to spend time with them. We sure love every member of our family. They are each special. And we feel the absence of those living away. We love you, too: Doug & Rachel & family, Chris, Blake & Maren & Braden. We look forward to the time we can spend time together again.


Amber said...

I am totally jealous of the blankets. I would love to learn how to make one. The kids were sure fun (and loud) last night. Watching the snake eat the mouse was an interesting experience. Thanks again for inviting us over!

Blake and Maren said...

Your dad is so crafty. I think it is nice for the kids to have something specially made from their Grandpa.

I wish I could be like the kids in the morning. I am always longing for 5 more minutes just like in high school.