Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let Me Count the Ways...

Today Chad turned 32. I'm sorry to say it wasn't much of a birthday for him. I didn't have any presents for him to unwrap (he recently bought a new tennis racket claiming that as his birthday gift), I didn't make him any special dinner or cake (he was gone from 7am until 9pm). Shoot, we never sang him 'Happy Birthday'! Buu-uuut I will have a homemade cherry cheesecake for him tomorrow. And we will sing him 'Happy Birthday'. The way this day has gone in no way reflects how I feel about him.

I knew I was getting someone good when I agreed to marry Chad. But I realize more as time goes on how blessed I am to be married to this wonderful man. Here we go...

  • He is dedicated in every way to this family

  • He always comes home in a good mood
  • He sets goals with the children regarding spirituality, education, health, etc.

  • He is gung-ho about being financially sound

  • He is complimentary and kind to us

  • He wrestles with the three older kids

  • He spends time with Mira Catherine at the playground

  • He volunteers weekly in the boys' classrooms

  • He leads family scripture study and prayer

  • He plays tennis with Colin

  • He keeps up with piano so as to be an encouragement to the boys

  • He works hard

  • He's honest

  • He loves learning

  • He laughs when I do something stupid (in a fun way, of course)

  • He loves to be goofy with the kids

Well, I could go on. Most of these I've posted have to do with the kids, I know. Listen to this. When Chad got home today I told him I sure missed him. He asked what I missed most. I said I missed him most when it was homework time. I know that might sound heartless, but it so meaningful to me!! And he knows what I mean. When Chad is home he's HOME. He doesn't sit around. He's up and at 'em. Involved with what everyone's doing. Interested in achieving something positive. I can't imagine doing this without him. I really feel like we are great partners. We take a task and tackle it together. He's pretty terrific. A keeper for sure.

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Blake and Maren said...

Chad's a pretty terrific guy. Happy Birthday to him. I am sure just spending good quality time with his family is good enough for him. However, the cheesecake sounds delicious.