Monday, October 20, 2008

Remembering Those in-between Years...

  • My Michael Jackson 'Thriller' album
  • My first CD player in 9th grade
  • Walking to 7-11 with my girlfriends to buy a treat
  • Rollerblading all over seminary at 6am, to work in downtown Merced, with friends...(the only times Adam Hansen and I ever kissed we were on rollerblades!)
  • Swimming in the backyard pool listening to Duran Duran
  • Thinking there was no life without Depeche Mode (pathetic!!)
  • Chinese jumprope
  • Slap-on bracelets (I've seen these make a slight comeback)
  • Practicing flag routines for hours on end
  • Trying to make myself enjoy mosh pits, ska, and funky styles (they weren't my 'thing' after all!)
  • Wearing a lot of black one year in high school
  • Totalling my 2-week old bike I got for Christmas
  • Driving around with friends, continually asking each other, "Whaddya wanna do?" and just wasting gas and time.
  • Uhhh...borrowing the old red truck to take a spin on several occasions before I was legal, thinking the whole time I was gonna get so busted that it took all the fun out of it!
  • Amy, Bekki, Laura
  • My first kiss 'stolen' from me by a fast one on a date at the movies. I got pulled over driving home because the policeman thought I was intoxicated. No! Just traumatized!!
  • Doug trying to teach me how to do a layup. And the "Flying Neeee-cole!" in racquetball. Remember that one, Doug? Boy, we had some laughs!
  • Playing lots of Roller Hockey


Maren said...

Who didn't like Chinese Jumpropes? I love to read your memories. Who is this Adam Hansen?

buildingburkmemories said...

thoes days sound like so much fun, I have memories slight like that as well, and they are just the good old days I believe, I also have been pulled over on a date because they thought we were drinking, it was awful.

Doug & Rachel said...

So was the boy still in the car when you were pulled over? I might have told the policeman to take him home!

Jennettehogan said...

Wow - this was a trip down memory lane for me too... Depeche Mode, Duran Duran (some of my absolute favorites back then...), my black phase was for about a year right after graduating high school, "trying" a mosh pit for about 10 seconds at an Oingo Boingo concert, Thriller, Roller Blades,.....Wow! I am kinda feeling a little old now! :)