Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sad Pumpkin Day

I posted earlier about the pumpkin patch outing with my mom several weeks ago. We got some rockin' pumpkins, and we set them all on our outside steps with the intention of carving them this week. Saturday evening I noticed our 4 large pumpkins were gone. I swear I saw them earlier that day. Did someone really have the gall to pick them up in broad daylight? Perhaps I'm wrong and they snagged them in the cloak of darkness--either way, I was you-know-what. Micah just bawled. He keeps telling me I've got to go back to the pumpkin patch and get more. The grocery store is our only option at this point. And at 29cents a pound, those monstrous things cost a pretty penny, I'll tell you!! Well, I'm going out to get candy tomorrow, I guess I'd better add those to my list.

Speaking of candy, I'm so proud of myself for not purchasing the Halloween candy any earlier. Only I know what happens to any candy bought before Halloween day!! =) Last year I got little tubs of play-doh. Kids loved getting them, and it was no temptation!

The kids get to wear their costumes to school tomorrow. I'll post pictures of them in costumes in my next blog.


Doug and Rachel said...

Sorry about the pumpkins - that stinks especially when the kids are so excited about their handy-work. Way to go about the cand; we've been buying it too, but on purpose to eat! We give the kids one or two pieces for dessert. We just love chocolate!

Maren said...

I am sorry to hear about your pumpkins. What has the world come to when you can't leave some fun pumpkins on your porch. I bet this wouldn't happen in Pullman, just another reason you guys should move here. Hint hint!

shelley evans said...


I remember a place behind/next to Neighborhood Market (Walmart market) that had locally grown vegetables. I remember pumpkins around this time. I bought a hay bale there for my front porch one year. I know it's not a pump patch, but at least it's outdoors and they have red wagons that you can pull around with your goodies in it. That might take the sting out a little. Poor little guy. If you are entering the market from the back it would be to your left. It was a cool little place. Hope this helps.