Wednesday, October 15, 2008

These Little People

I just want to share a funny conversation Chad heard the other day between Micah and Colin. Colin has a loose tooth and is anxious about the whole wiggle-it-until-it-falls-out-thing. It was bedtime and Chad was trying to console Colin that the tooth would eventually fall out and he didn't need to worry so much about it. Chad tried to get him excited about the prospect of having the tooth fairy leave something for him. Micah said, "But there's not really a tooth fairy. Fairies are just pretend." Colin didn't agree at all. He said, "There has to be a tooth fairy, otherwise who leaves the money?" Micah replied, "Maybe somebody's just tricking us. Yeah, I think Santa Claus is playing a trick on us and leaving the money and not a tooth fairy."


Maren said...

That sneaky little Santa Claus. I can't believe he would overtake the Tooth Fairy's role! And no comment on the hand placement thing! I love my husband!

shelley evans said...


I love hearing your stories. You have the same gift your Dad has.

Aunt Shelley

alan barnett said...

too cute!!!!

Doug & Rachel said...

Hey at least you let them believe in a tooth fairy - I guess I take all the gun out of it - if we could leave a quarter like in 'the old days' I could handle it!