Saturday, October 25, 2008

What to Do?

I've got a dilemma. Actually, I don't know that it qualifies as a dilemma, because there's not really anything I can do about it. We really want to go to Germany. But we really want to move to South Jordan sometime after the school year. That pushes Germany back a while (like over a year or more away!). But, once we're to that point, I'm tied up in knots, not sure what to do!

To take the kids or not?

Pros to taking the kids:
  • they see their cousins, aunt, and uncle
  • they experience Germany! food, travel, language
  • I don't cry everyday because of missing them and feeling guilty
  • I don't have to worry about a babysitter, their care back in the US, emergency situations, etc.
  • hmmm...

Cons to taking them:

  • likely stressful overseas flights!
  • adjusting to the time difference with 4 kids
  • less travel/sightseeing
  • more $$$

I know I really shouldn't even be thinking about this right now. But I am. I like to have a plan. I know when we go we'd want to go for about 2 weeks. I cannot imagine leaving the kids for that long with anyone! I have a friend who goes 2-3 times a year to South America or Europe. She's done it with and without her 3 kids. She highly recommends doing it once just Chad and me. It all sounds swell until I think about being 2 weeks away. That's a really long time. I definitely think Chad and I would enjoy this trip if we could freeze-frame America while we go over and have fun. Then come back and, "Zwip!" everything unfreezes and back to normal life, no one the wiser of our absence.

I need to give this more thought... Have any of you taken trips away from your kids for more than a couple of days? How did you feel about it?


Maren said...

Tough choices. I still think you would have a more fulfilling time (for your money) if you went with Chad. However, I have never left Braden.

If it were me I would just go with Blake, but that's just me. I am sure whatever choice you make will be best for your family (and you).

The kids will have a good time here in the states, so I am sure you won't have to worry about them.

alan barnett said...

Janna and I went ot Hawaii when Chad abd Blake were 1@2. We missed them. Janna Called about them the minute we got there and worried about them. But we had a great time together there. The boys were too young to enjoy it. Good luck on your decision but I think you and Chad sould go together

alan barnett said...

correction Chad and Blake were more like 5@6, still too young.please ignore the typos.

Doug and Rachel said...

We can't help much in this decision, because we want to see you all, but we see both sides of it. We are really liking the blog thing because we do get to 'see' you all. The kids have grown up! Ella and Mira look older. WE love hearing about all that's 'goin' down'. Love you! Oh, one thing that may help (a bit negative though), we looked on a web site about airline flights and even though the ticket was listed as a $400 ticket, the fees and taxes were $300, so make sure you see the final price before makinga decision! WE know, that stinks.
Love ya.

shelley evans said...

have you thought about maybe taking the two older ones and leaving the girls with Gramma? That might be easier.

buildingburkmemories said...

well, I would be right where you are, I would be wondering if I take the kids or not, I would probably end up taking them with me, because it was a long trip but then again, it would depend on there age when I was going, because if most of them could get by with out my help, then I think they would be just fine with family, and they would have a blast while you were gone, I would say go with chad and enjoy it, it only comes ones in a while that you can do something with just your husband and enjoy it.