Friday, November 21, 2008

Dry Mornings

You know how much laundry there is with a family of six. But add to that the bedding of an unnamed someone who is wet every morning she wakes up!! If I let her get up on her own, I can guarantee she'll be soaking wet. I'm worn out with washing sheets every single day.

I enforce the 'no-drinks-after-7pm' rule, but that doesn't seem to eliminate the problem. I tried getting her to wear 'nighttime underwear' (i.e. pullups), but she balked at that. Who can blame her, after a year of wearing big girl underwear? So a few days ago I took her to the dollar store and let her choose 5 items. I told her if she was dry the next morning she'd get to pick one. I knew I couldn't let her fail, so I woke her up a little earlier than normal and we all said, "Hooray!! You did it! Dry all night. What a big girl. Aren't you awesome? Now you get to pick one prize! Wow, wow..." and all that stuff. Then she has to stay dry for TWO nights to get the next prize. And this is a big deal. We'll extend the length of dry days required each time. I'm hoping this helps. "Now, sweetie, what do you do if you feel like you need to go potty when you're in bed?" Says she, "I hop right out and run to the bathroom!"

I've packed up a ton of baby/children's clothes to take to Kid to Kid (a children's consignment shop). We have so much and I'm tired of having the closet jam packed with them. There are lots of nice clothes and part of me hates to get rid of them. But it's not like my grandchildren will one day wear them. I kept (at Maren's request) a few girl items--holiday dresses. But everything else is going. If I think about it too much I'm torn and want to go through them again and keep some things. I can get store credit and use it on purchases I make. Today I bought several items for the kids there. I absolutely loooove second-hand children's clothing. Under the age of 7 or so, it's not like they usually get destroyed. They grow out of them so quickly they're still in great shape. I am not ashamed to admit I'll shop the DI and find Gymboree outfits!!


Maren said...

I hope the dry streak continues. Keep us updated. I know she can do it. Also, thanks again for keeping the girl outfits. I just hope I am lucky enough to have a little girl.

Doug and Rachel said...

I agree about washing the sheets- sometimes it is all the time! I use these cloths with plastic backs and fuzzy tops on one of the kids' beds but it only saves the mattress, which is nice. You can get them for babies, just buy enough to cover the area underneath her 2-3 should be fine, but unfortunately, they won't save the sheets. The toy thing worked with Kate for potty-training, so, you never know!

Amber said...

Sorry I haven't been leaving comments. I have been really bad about that lately. I'll try to be better. I would love to go see twilight with you. I know mom wants to go for sure. I think some of the others have already seen it. It would be so much fun. We'll talk about it on Thanksgiving. See you then!

shelley evans said...

well, this may be embarrassing, but I wet the bed until I was almost 12. My Mother could have offered me the moon but I doubt it would have helped. I just didn't wake up. It was so embarrassing as a child. I never spent the night with anyone during those years.