Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Halloween

My friend, Jennette, was kind enough to take these pictures and send them to me. Here is Colin at his school parade. I realized (too late) that I should've been there. "All the other moms were at the party!", or so I was told by both Colin and Micah. I didn't think I should go with Ella and Mira Catherine tagging along, but I guess that's a non-issue on party days. So I'm left feeling guilty. I won't make the same mistake next year!
Colin and Micah were invited to a Halloween party at Jennette's house. She had a house full of 20 kids. Pretty amazing, huh? They had a fabulous time. Colin's sitting on the wall, 3rd from the left, Micah's on the grass on the left. Those are some cute kids in that picture!
Here we are tonight in the kitchen. Bowie (our snake) has pretty much been left alone except for the weekly feeding. Mira Catherine wanted to get him out and pay him some attention. I was surprised that she actually held him herself. We went to the pet store to get some more frozen pinkies (mice). While there, I saw a woman with a 5+ foot snake draped over her shoulder. We got to talking and she let the kids see him and feel him. I was curious as to how long it took for him to get that size (about 2 years) and how much it cost her to feed him. Bowie won't get quite that big, but it was amazing to think he won't be this small forever. I don't mind if he takes years and years to get that big!!

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Maren said...

I love that Micah wanted to post this on Grandma Miller's blog. I am glad you posted it on yours so I could see it. It sounds like the snake is working out just fine.

I didn't know the kids could dress up on Halloween. I think they stopped doing it in our elementary school for some reason. Liberal Oregon, it could be a million reasons why.