Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Friends

We have a great family who moved in across the street this summer. Their son, Finn, is the cutest thing. Anyway, my kids have fallen in love with him, Lindy, and Jesse. They try to go over there all the time. They come home with goodies, toys, etc. Lindy's lent us High School Musical and HSMII, burned us the CD's, and now we're hooked. Yesterday Micah saw Lindy out raking and wanted to go 'help'. I said sure. Well, a bit later I go out to check on them, and Micah's out there without a shirt of shoes! Hey, it's November. I must look like an incompetent mother.
Micah, Ella, and Finn inspecting what I can only guess is an insect.
Here's Micah mooching something else from our kind neighbors.
Play time!


Maren said...

I am sure you are glad to be in such a fun neighborhood. The kids are cute.

metromut said...

that's how we roll across the street-- shirts and socks optional, pawn the junk off on the neighbor kids.... we totally scored by moving in next to you guys- it's like a little party all the time. don't move away...ever.

Jennettehogan said...

Oh my gosh. Cute, cute kids!