Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reunited (And It Feels So Goooood...)

I was thinking what to title this entry. I started typing and that popped out. I haven't heard it in a long time...I love that song!!

Today we had some friends come up from Orem. They came with us to church and we ate and visited. It was really nice to see them. Kathleen (or Sister Eschler as I first knew her) was my companion about halfway through my mission in Bangor, N. Ireland. She was so fun to serve with. We got lost a lot, we had coins chucked at us (and not to pay us for our services!), rocks hurled, she was spat on, and more thrilling adventures. But she was a terrific companion. She was bold but kind, and has a great sense of humor. She helped me learn to plan and set goals better.
Here she is with her husband, Bret, and their 5 kids. Bret was also a missionary in the IDM (No, it didn't happen the way you're thinking), and was my District Leader in one area...we can't seem to remember which one, though! Hey, Bret, I'm thinking it was Dublin...? He was cheerful and fun, a great missionary. Together they make a great pair. It was wonderful to have their kids come over. No stress. They just blend right in with the chaos naturally occurring in our household. The kids had a blast playing. Thanks for taking the time to drive up and spend the day with us, Gundersens.

And here's a photo of Micah and me. I just love it. My snuggle-bug.
Micah is our videographer-in-training. He's always wanting to shoot things. I told him I'd post it.


Maren said...

How fun to spend time with old friends. I am sure you have memories with them that can never be duplicated.

As for Micah's cute video. Thanks for the kisses. We sure miss you guys. I honestly can't wait until Christmas. We should have such a great time.

Rachael said...

So cute!!! Those Gunderson's look great! I love mission friends! I just found Bret on Facebook - he was in my very first district out in the old IDM. Such memories!

Doug and Rachel said...

We miss you too Micah! Nicole your hair is so long! So is Ella's, wow. We love you guys too. We're going to try and send a treat for Christmas (don't count on it by Christmas though, the mail is sooooo slow!) See ya!