Sunday, November 30, 2008

So I'm Not a Professional

Yesterday I got myself into the Christmas mood by decorating the outside of the house. (Thanks, Aunt Shelley, for the bows and lighted garland--it's beautiful!) The flash kind of took some of the magic out of the picture. It's lovely when it's dark outside and you've just got the small lights on.
Here's the tree. We moved the ottoman/toybox to Ella's already-crowded bedroom. I love not having it in the living room!! Less toys scattered about. The kids were so excited to put up the tree. And, you know, the boys actually made decorating easier this year! You know, when they're so little they want to 'help' and in your mind you're thinking, "Yes, but I don't need more of that kind of help!" But they were great. We had Christmas music going, everyone was involved, and no one cried!! Success.
I know I'm pretty lame when it comes to decorations. This is the extent of it. But, honestly, I don't want anything else to put in this house. I can see when we are in a larger one, I would enjoy filling spaces with things...but there's no more space here!

When not listening to Bob Lonsberry (for those of you in Utah who are familiar) on the radio, we're full-throttle Christmas music. I looove it. Colin and Micah sing along when they can. We love the songs about the Savior. There are many times the kids will ask what a song is about, and I get to explain to them the story and about Jesus. Besides those, of course they get so excited about songs having to do with Santa, reindeer, snow, etc. I think one of my absolute favorite fun Christmas songs is the campy "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" song. The kids want to learn the words. I've printed them up. I've got to get this song on CD or something. It's great.


Doug and Rachel said...

We got excited about Christmas too and put up all our stuff - we don't have that much. Peter Ustinov is an actor; he played Blackbeard in Blackbeard's Ghost. He is also the voice of Prince John in Disney's Robin Hood - he's just very talented and my mom and I love him in his movies. We also decided to NEVER do the train thing again!

shelley evans said...

ok, I was surprised to see the Hawaiin attire. ?? Just for fun? Because you're cold?...?

Pictures were beautiful!

Peter Ustinov is an actor...

Maren said...

The decorations look great. I wish I had as many beautiful decorations as your have. I can't wait to be there in 3 weeks and give my nieces and nephews hugs.

(P.S. Since your blog is private you can remove the word verification and save us some time.)

metromut said...

nicole- i am killing some serious time at the hospital now. i have that hippo song on cd if you want a copy. it is one of the greatest.

later- jesse