Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

I had the opportunity yesterday to dust off all the beautiful china my mother gave me. We had Thanksgiving at our place yesterday. My parents, Chad's parents and sister came. It's a wonder that we all fit in our kitchen. It was cozy and we managed. I remember, as a kid, being able to have seconds and thirds at Thanksgiving. Those days are over. My favorite dish was one that Mom made from Rachel's recipe: a sweet potato dish. It was yummy! Everyone took home leftovers, which is great. I'm going to have to go out and buy another turkey. We had the remainder of our turkey today for lunch, and I'm just not ready to be done with leftovers!
This year Thanksgiving happened to fall on Mira Catherine's 2nd birthday. We interrupted her nap in order to watch her open presents. She had a lot of fun. Here's the adorable outfit Mom got her:
It (above) came with the sunglasses and purse (below). We got her Elmo, whom she adores.
'Grandpa Barnett' refinished this cradle and they gave her a baby for it. She is having fun taking care of the baby.
However, the first present she opened had a bottle of bubbles. She was interested in nothing else for some time. Isn't it great only $2 can bring such glee?
This is a video from several days ago. The kids just finished watching some ninja movie and are reacting in typical fashion. Someone always ends up crying at some point, but mostly they laugh and burn energy. Someday we'll have a home with more room in which to do it!!

I like this video because it shows Mira Catherine saying some things. She's starting to speak more words, which is really good. She still does her imaginary babble (which is hilarious), but is trying out real words more. If you listen closely, you'll hear us prompting her to say 'Colin', but she just says, "Yeah." She doesn't even try to say Colin or Micah's names.


Maren said...

I do expect you to come up with some good pie recipes, especially since you are coming to our place next year, right? I am sad we missed it, although it looks like your house is really full.

I am sorry we didn't call and wish Mira a Happy Birthday. We do love her though and can't believe how big she is getting. I am sure she will be saying Colin and Micah by the time we get there in 3 weeks.

Doug and Rachel said...

Loved the ninja video - I remember when Brian and Lee and me and Chris dressed up in our tae kwan do outfits and fought in the backyard. I did a roundhouse and caught Lee right where it counts! Treasured moments . . .
Thanksgiving looked fun and crowded, but hey, it's what ya gotta do. The kids look so much bigger already when we don't see them for so long. Love ya tons!