Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do We Have to Wait?

Chad and I have had many discussions over the past few years about when we'll move and what we'll move into. Well, that day is just around the corner and we can hardly stand the wait. I've been feeling the need to move for some time. 6 people in a 1800 square foot home gets mighty tight. Of course, if we had to live here forever, we'd make do and survive just fine. I'm not sure about my sanity, but I'd get through it.

As soon as the snow melts, this home is going up for sale. I think it will show well. I spent the entire morning employing my Mr. Clean sponge in washing down walls. And did they need it! Holy moly, kids do a number on walls. I worked hard getting of marks and prints. Next will be filling in holes and dings throughout the house. And the baseboards were even worse. Scuffs running up and down them all. We'll have to repaint a lot of them. I went through all the cabinets and cupboards in my bathroom and some in the kitchen. We accumulate a lot of junk and just let it sit around. Well, goodbye JUNK! Our recycling and garbage were just emptied, and they're almost completely full again.

But it is awesome to really go through the house and do some deep cleaning. I love it. Colin pitched in some and cleaned windows and collected garbage. I was just happy when the kids did their own thing and let me at it. That is until Mira Catherine AGAIN decides to clean up her own stinky diaper. Nightmare.

I'm again toying with the idea of possibly building. I just don't know enough about it. Chad's not convinced. (Not that it can't be done, though!)My friend (and former missionary companion), Emily, and her fam, are building a house in Riverton...just the area we'll be looking at. So I'm going to really drill her to get some pro's and con's to building.

So this is all that's been on our minds. Chad's passed his PA exam (Hoorah!) and can now give his attention to this. So I'm hoping at least a couple of days this week Chad and I can hit the house hard and get some good decluttering done. Wish us luck!

Oh, and happy anniversary to us! Nine years today. I have a feeling my dream 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii might not happen when I planned. But I'm not complaining. It'll happen one day. This is a good life I chose. And a good life Chad and I are making.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas '08

Christmas this year was wonderful, if a little hectic. Amidst all the family gatherings, our dryer broke down, which adds a new dimension to the holiday madness. But we got through it, our dryer's back, being put to good use as we speak. (A family of 6 minus the ability to do laundry is not a pretty thing.) A big thank-you to Dad who gave us the use of his truck to transport the dryer to and from the maintenance shop!

We especially enjoyed getting to see Chad's brother, Blake, and his family, Maren and Braden. The kids sure love him. They are really going to miss him. We're going to have to figure out a way to make sure we see each other more often.
Mira Catherine feels like such a big girl in comparison to her younger cousin. Here she is pushing him around in a toy stroller. They were both happy with the situation. Mira got to be boss, Braden enjoyed the ride.
This was an attempt at getting the kids on the Barnett side to sit still and smile for the camera with their Aunt Amber. This is as good as it gets.
Micah and Colin loving their cousin, Braden.
Ella and Mira 'helping' Braden discover his new Christmas toy. (Taking over the toy, more like.)
My cousin, Michaeline, is here visiting. We don't get the chance to see her often, so this has been a nice treat.
Here we are, Christmas morning. Now, the three older children had their designs as far as what they wanted Santa to bring. Above you'll notice Micah doing his karate pose. He requested from Santa a ninja costume. Now I have to go hide "The 3 Ninjas" movie or it's going to get mighty dangerous around here.
Alright, I know what you're thinking. No, I will never allow Mira to wear a dress like this to her prom. But, hey, when you're 2 and you love all things 'princess', who really cares as long as you can put the thing on? And this is nothing compared to the reveal she was giving us all afternoon in this getup. (I'm talking ULTRA looo-ooow neckline! It was hilarious. But she felt like a million bucks.)
A quick snapshot before they tear into the gifts.
We've got a nice little hill in our front yard all the neighbor kids like to use for sledding. Colin's been experimenting with snowboard-like moves. We'll have to get him out on some real slopes sometime...
Colin's most treasured gift from Santa was a guitar. I've seen Guitar Hero and think it's pretty awesome, but who wants a 7 year-old to be jammin' to a Black Sabbath song? Hmmm...So he is now the proud owner of the Fisher Price I Can Play Guitar. And he loves it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Happenings

This is the 3rd Santa the kids have visited this month. Aunt Amber invited the kids to come to her work Christmas party. They had Santa, food, and gift wrapping for the local Sub-for-Santa. Mira Catherine cried the first time for Santa on this particular visit. But the candy cane rather impressed her. On Colin's wish list are a guitar and camping gear. Micah has a box at home for Santa filled with toys of his and a couple of dollars for 'poor people'. And Santa had to pry out of Ella what she wanted...'dolls'.
Tonight was Colin's piano recital. Chad asked if he was nervous to perform, and Colin only said, "No! I'm excited to do it!" He did very well. There was another boy (about 13 years old) who performed FOUR times--acousitc guitar, electric guitar, drums, and piano. I think Colin has a new hero. He loooved the guitar and especially the drums!! He really wants to do guitar, but we tell him we'd like him to focus on piano for a while more before trying something new.
Here is the video I took at the recital. Isn't he wonderful?

Thursday, December 11, 2008


1.How long have you been together? Married 9 years this month.

2.How long did we date? Almost 5 whopping months.

3. How old is he? 32

4. Who eats more? I'd say, being home with kids, I probably win this one.

5. Who said, "I love you," first? He did. Those words did not come easily for me. (And not because he wasn't worthy of them!)

6. Who is taller? Chad by 5 inches.

7. Who does the laundry? Ha! That would be me.

8. Who does the dishes? Generally I do, but he'll get up from the table and start loading dishes when he's able to. (But I try to shoo him away to play with the kids so I can have some peace and quiet with the dishes.)

9. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Looking at the bed, he does.

10. Who pays the bills? Everything's automatic bill pay, but the random bill Chad probably takes care of.

11. Who mows the lawn? I like to surprise Chad with a mowed lawn after working all day. He definitely does his share too, though.

12. Who cooks dinner? I do.

13. Who is more stubborn? The first answer that comes to mind is 'I'! When it comes to money-matters and playing board games or sports, however, Chad takes the cake!

14. Who kissed whom first? I've never been the first to kiss anyone, so it has to have been Chad.

15. Who asked whom out? What was our first date...? I can guarantee it was Chad who asked me out.

16. Who proposed? He did. And please don't ask him to recount the events of that night. He thinks they're hilarious because I was such a dork, but it's really humiliating.

17. Who is more sensitive? I am

18. Who has more siblings? It's a tie (2 siblings each).

19. What were you doing ten years ago? 1998...I had recently come home from my mission, had zero friends, was completely lonely and pathetic. Going to school at good 'ol Weber State.

20. Five things on my to-do list: Make dinner, call an old friend, read with my kids, go to Colin's basketball game, and take a shower (it's only 3pm after all!).

21. Things I would do if suddenly made a billionaire: Buy a big house with housekeepers, a pool, and totally fun backyard; ...if I'm a billionaire I have enough to share so I'd find a good way to do it after making sure my kids had enough for college, investments, etc.
22. Three of my bad habits: Ugh. Do I have to share these? Cracking my knuckles, being judgmental of others, and putting off spending time with my kids.

23. Five places I have lived: California, Germany, Idaho, Utah, Ireland/Northern Ireland.

24. Five jobs I have had: Newspaper deliverer, lifeguard, water safety instructor, sign-language interpreter, worker at group home for young adults with severe autism.

25. Things people don't know about me: 1. There were times on my mission I wished a bus would hit me and injure me enough to have me sent home honorably, but with no permanent damage; 2. I try to go out of my comfort zone regularly to talk publicly or to someone new so that it becomes more natural; 3. I'm a little OCD: If I tap my foot, I like to even it out, etc.; when I drive, I pick up my foot when I go over lines on the road, bumps in driveways, etc.

So I tag: Rachael Niusulu, Jennette Hogan, and Amber Barnett (#19 an on).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Help Me Decide!

I just got back the results from our photo session. There a several promising ones in there. I would love to get some input as far as favorites to help me choose what we want to purchase. I have until Thursday to let her know.

*Go to http://www.picasa.web.google.com/
*username is: aashaw35@msn.com
*password is: expressionsphotography


Saturday, December 6, 2008

After the Photo Session

We went out to Beuss Pond today and this is your sneek-peek at our photo session. I'm hoping the pictures we had taken will be good! You know, with kids, you just keep your fingers crossed, try to stay positive, and hope everyone cooperates at least one time all at the same time.
The photo session really wasn't long, but they had just had it by this point. And it IS Chad's very favorite thing to do. (He said it ranks just above breaking his ankle and the pain associated with running a marathon.)

Check out this looker I married! He just keeps getting better and better.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I was trying to get one video of the girls and their antics, but kept stopping the video, thinking I'd get a better one. But then I watched what I'd caught on tape, and realize it's great the way it is. Have I mentioned how much Mira Catherine loves her tutu? And then Ella must get on her as-close-to-tutu-as-I-have skirt.

(And I don't need comments pointing out Mira's saggy diaper!)