Saturday, December 6, 2008

After the Photo Session

We went out to Beuss Pond today and this is your sneek-peek at our photo session. I'm hoping the pictures we had taken will be good! You know, with kids, you just keep your fingers crossed, try to stay positive, and hope everyone cooperates at least one time all at the same time.
The photo session really wasn't long, but they had just had it by this point. And it IS Chad's very favorite thing to do. (He said it ranks just above breaking his ankle and the pain associated with running a marathon.)

Check out this looker I married! He just keeps getting better and better.


Maren said...

If this is a preview, I can't wait to see the real thing. I love the outfits you chose and it looks like the weather was on your side.

Please tell me that isn't Ella's hand on Chad's shoulder. If so, she has abnormally large arms.

Doug and Rachel said...

The house looks good...our house in Roy couldn't hold a lot of Christmassy stuff either, but we loved it.

It was fun watching the girls dance. I was waiting for Mira to take a spill and she treated me to a good one.

I agree with did Ella get such big hands?:)

Jennettehogan said...

What a cute family! It is so hard to get everyone situated and happy at the same time - I can completly relate.
I still have to work myself up to do a family picture for our Christmas cards - and I am running out of time!