Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do We Have to Wait?

Chad and I have had many discussions over the past few years about when we'll move and what we'll move into. Well, that day is just around the corner and we can hardly stand the wait. I've been feeling the need to move for some time. 6 people in a 1800 square foot home gets mighty tight. Of course, if we had to live here forever, we'd make do and survive just fine. I'm not sure about my sanity, but I'd get through it.

As soon as the snow melts, this home is going up for sale. I think it will show well. I spent the entire morning employing my Mr. Clean sponge in washing down walls. And did they need it! Holy moly, kids do a number on walls. I worked hard getting of marks and prints. Next will be filling in holes and dings throughout the house. And the baseboards were even worse. Scuffs running up and down them all. We'll have to repaint a lot of them. I went through all the cabinets and cupboards in my bathroom and some in the kitchen. We accumulate a lot of junk and just let it sit around. Well, goodbye JUNK! Our recycling and garbage were just emptied, and they're almost completely full again.

But it is awesome to really go through the house and do some deep cleaning. I love it. Colin pitched in some and cleaned windows and collected garbage. I was just happy when the kids did their own thing and let me at it. That is until Mira Catherine AGAIN decides to clean up her own stinky diaper. Nightmare.

I'm again toying with the idea of possibly building. I just don't know enough about it. Chad's not convinced. (Not that it can't be done, though!)My friend (and former missionary companion), Emily, and her fam, are building a house in Riverton...just the area we'll be looking at. So I'm going to really drill her to get some pro's and con's to building.

So this is all that's been on our minds. Chad's passed his PA exam (Hoorah!) and can now give his attention to this. So I'm hoping at least a couple of days this week Chad and I can hit the house hard and get some good decluttering done. Wish us luck!

Oh, and happy anniversary to us! Nine years today. I have a feeling my dream 10-year anniversary trip to Hawaii might not happen when I planned. But I'm not complaining. It'll happen one day. This is a good life I chose. And a good life Chad and I are making.


buildingburkmemories said...

happy anniversary, yeah for you 9 years how awsome our nine years is at the end of the year, And I have a 10 year plan as well, like going on a cruise to a island, but who knows if that will happen when I want to, so it's ok to complain,I agree!!!!! also good luck on cleaning, not fun, though it has to be done, and also to build a house would be a great idea and it saves you a ton of money, that is what jesse and I want to do as well, just the timing needs to be right, Also on the sewing I did know how to sew in maple west apartments I just didn't have a sewing machine, and thanks for the nice comment on being pregnant, anything helps when you feel like a cow, I'm getting closer to getting the blanket crocheted and it's been fun. Well good luck and that is neat that you will have a friend close by, that makes life a lot more fun that is for sure. Also I love the pic of you and chad, you look really pretty in it, and there is this girl in our old ward here in billings who reminds me of you so much and looks some what similar as well, it's crazy world how that happens, but it helps us to be happy and remember good friends in our lives. ok take care by

Jennettehogan said...

What a great picture of the two of you! So cute! Congrats on Chad passing his exam!
I hear ya on the moving thing. I have expressed more than once how much I hate moving and I am STILL moving. It's like a never ending thing right now. I am going to miss you and your family when you move away from Ogden. I sure hope we still keep in touch!!

Doug and Rachel said...

Yay for Chad! We're excited for the BIG MOVE - transitions are always hard and everything is pins and needles and then you get it all done, and you start to forget what it was like before! I hope you find or build something great! Happy Anniversary too! Plans to celebrate are great - we're gonna try for the 10th too. Did your mom tell you what your dad gave her for her birthday! We can't wait to see her. Good luck with house and everything! Love you guys and miss you a ton!!!

metromut said...

you can't move. xoxoxo- the spencers.

Hillary said...

I don't know if you knew but Rob and I are also building a house right now. So if and when you are ready I may have a few things to add, or tell you the mistakes we made and how to avoid them!:) Also remind me why you are going to So. Jordan again??