Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I was trying to get one video of the girls and their antics, but kept stopping the video, thinking I'd get a better one. But then I watched what I'd caught on tape, and realize it's great the way it is. Have I mentioned how much Mira Catherine loves her tutu? And then Ella must get on her as-close-to-tutu-as-I-have skirt.

(And I don't need comments pointing out Mira's saggy diaper!)


Maren said...

the tutu's and dancing are so cute. I hate how we stop videos to get a better one. We never do though. 3 more weeks and we are there. Yay!

shelley evans said...

those pig tails are adorable!

Doug and Rachel said...

Love the tutus! Kate has gotten into the skirt thing now too, and she found a slip that fits her and chooses to wear it and her old swim top (the one with sleeves), I cannot convince her otherwise, so we usually put it on over warmer clothes!