Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Help Me Decide!

I just got back the results from our photo session. There a several promising ones in there. I would love to get some input as far as favorites to help me choose what we want to purchase. I have until Thursday to let her know.

*Go to http://www.picasa.web.google.com/
*username is: aashaw35@msn.com
*password is: expressionsphotography



Maren said...

Our Favorites:
1. Family- 17, 18, 5 or 6 (if zoomed in)
2. Girls- 30, 31,
3. You & Girls- 32
4. Boys- 40, 48
5. Chad & Boys- 52 (the only one where Micah isn't frowning-stinker!)
6. You & Chad- 37-39 (all good)

These are just what we thought. They all did pretty well considering you needed 6 people to look and smile at the camera at once.

Maren said...

Wait, where were the pictures that you posted below? Where these some you just took yourself? Thery weren't in the folder I just looked at.

Nicole Barnett said...

Right. Those photos were just snapshots we took with our own camera afterwards...something to share on the blog, you know.

Amber said...

Those pictures are way too cute! My favorite family photo is where you all are sitting on the log. Sorry I didn't write down the numbers. You can't go wrong with any picture of Colin and Micah together. Tough choices to make!

Doug and Rachel said...

I thought they were all good, when you're all looking and smiling of course and the groupings (girls, boys, spouses etc)! I love the log ones, but, if you're going to frame one,(this is silly, but) I wouldn't choose a log one because the red doesn't balance out the black in it; Colin is the only red you see and the picture looks lopsided, otherwise, they're great! I didn't realize that Mira is so blonde, and I think she looks like you Nicole, the most, I think it's her face shape. Love you guys!

Nicole Barnett said...

I know, I like the sitting-on-log pictures, but I noticed that Ella is the only one really in focus, and by the time you get to Chad, he's pretty blurry. So it should be entitled, "ELLA!...and her family"

Jennettehogan said...

oh - I wish I could have seen them but when I click on the web address it says that it cant be displayed - I must be too late. I bet they were so cute!