Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Birthday Celebration...

Lucky Ella got to go out for a birthday treat with Grandma and Grandpa Miller. I love that she got to spend alone time with each set of grandparents. She just ate up the attention she received. This time she got to go to McDonald's (she's taking a break from fast food, now) and go on a little shopping spree. She came back with some cute clothes and a most treasured possession: a Webkinz, now christened Seraphina.
Grandma came through our door with this lovely flower arrangement for our very special little girl. How sweet is that?
Mira Catherine wants 'in' on a little birthday celebration.
Alright, here is THE cake. This is as close a shot as you're allowed. I will not enumerate the pains I went to in getting the cake to this point. Let's just say it was a learning experience. But, in her eyes, it was everything it could've been, which was all I needed!
Birthday breakfast! She loved waking up to balloons and streamers in her doorway and around the house.

Doug and Rachel and the kids called to sing Ella 'Happy Birthday'. Now that she realizes they're so far away and she doesn't get to see them, I think it made an impression on her that they called. She got to spend some time talking to Grant and Theron, which was fun to listen to. Thanks, you guys, for that! What a nice surprise.


Maren said...

It looks like she was just pampered. For the record, we tried calling a couple of times that day, but no one ever answered and it didn't go to voicemail.

The cake turned out great. Was that a good or swan? Either way it looks great.

Jennettehogan said...

I love the cake! You did a great job!!!!

Amber said...

Great job on the cake! I think it looks just as good if not better than the picture. I was just wondering how long did it take to make? I can't believe Ella is 4. She is a little girl now. Does she always turn her head in pictures? Just something I've noticed.