Thursday, January 15, 2009


Micah, Ella, and Mira Catherine are upstairs watching 'The Sound of Music'. The boys have tomorrow and Monday off of school. If it weren't winter, I'd be tempted to invite myself (and kids) up to Pullman to stay with Blake a Maren for a few days. Sometimes you just need a getaway! And by that, I don't mean away from Chad, just the routine...a break from it all.

I've got a little flare-up of my plantar fasciitis. Again. This time I'm going to listen to my body and behave! I've taken a few days off from exercising. I hate it. I just found out our church's stake women's basketball starts in February. And this year I can participate since Chad has Saturdays off. Hooray! However, my basketball skills are questionable at best! So the plan was, Saturday morning, for Chad to work me on some drills at the gym. Layups (I've always been retarded at those), rebounds, shooting...well, basically everything. I enjoy the game, but more than that the camaraderie with other women playing the game. They are fun and very kind when you do something totally stupid (not uncommon).


buildingburkmemories said...

Uh, I'm jealous, you get to play basket ball for church, how fun for woman to do, usually it's like hey we have play group, you wanna come, but to do some sports now that is fun. though I am not good at basket ball either, I use to play, but it's been years, so not good at anything now, so good luck, and practice practice.

Maren said...

You know we would LOVE it if you came to visit. Next 4 day weekend, ok? I am sorry to hear about your foot. Basketball should be great though. I need to look into my ward. It would be fun if there was a league.