Friday, January 16, 2009

Triathlon Schmiathlon

Chad's asked me numerous time when I'm going to start training for the triathlon. Okay, I guess I'd better get on it...soon. But I can't train for the swimming in the suit I've got. It's a tankini with a skirt that's falling apart. I was thinking more along the lines of a Tyr or Speedo. How long has it been since I've worn one of those? least 10 years. The thing you don't really forget about them is that it takes some doing to get into one. They are tight. Well, they're supposed to be to keep you hydrodynamic. So getting into one (for some of us, anyway) is hilarious. If only there was a hidden camera capturing the movements and facial expressions as you're getting into it. Yeah, and don't accidentally snap the suit before you've got it all the way on, I discovered. Youch.

The thing I must've forgotten is that, since they're so tight, they squish you in nicely in the front so you appear more hourglass-figured. Buuu-uuut, (no pun intended), turn your back to the mirror, and whhhaaaaat?! Okay, I knew there was definite room for improvement, but it was bad. Creating unseemly bulges and whatnot. I'll leave it at that.

So I'm really second-guessing myself on the triathlon, now. I know, how retarded that it all comes down to the swimsuit. But I've got to have something decent to wear. My friend did a triathlon a while back and said she wore a tankini-type top and spandex bottoms (not a bad option, I'm thinking), but by the time she finished her swim and got to her bike, the top was all stretched out. She's crouched over the handlebars and the photographers are snap-snapping away with their cameras so you can purchase a picture in remembrance of your race. Well, she saw her picture and refused to buy it because it was, in her words, "obscene".

What to do???


buildingburkmemories said...

So I loved the description of the swimsuit issue, I wouldn't know I have never tried one of those kinds on before, so hey if it's like you say, I think I will stay clear of that kind, but a triahlon, wow way to go girl, now that is something that could put us all in shape that is for sure, though I don't think I would feel comfortable riding a bike in my swim suit all wet, not fun, kind of slippery, don't you think.
well what ever you choose, good luck in accomplishing it.

Maren said...

I remember having my swimsuit scenario a couple of months ago. Don't let the swim suit stop you. The more you train the better shape you will get in.

If you guys find one to do early to mid summer, maybe I will join you in Utah. It can be a family affair.

Jennettehogan said...

Wow - I am just in total awe that you are going to do a Triathalon. I think that is GREAT! You are just so active with that and Basketball! I am starting to think that I am a lazy slug and I should get out there and be a little more active after hearing all that you are doing! How the heck do you find the time?